Lacrosse Famous Coaches Quotes

Inspirational Lacrosse Famous Coaches Quotes for Athletes

Lacrosse is a space game, in terms of spreading the offense and running the fast break. You can't really get that in the gym. We got double the grass time that we've had up to this point.

- Bob Hiester
The ultimate goal of lacrosse is to score goals. The more goals a team can score, the more likely they are to win a game.

- Kelly Amonte Hiller
Lacrosse is probably the best sport I ever played.

- Jim Brown
Lacrosse is like one of those diseases that comes through the family and infects everybody. It caught every one of us.

- Ted Wolford
He brings the offensive game of lacrosse to a more cerebral level.

- Bill Tierney
In lacrosse, the momentum changes so quick. Would we like to turn 3-0 into 6-0? Sure, but it's not realistic with the talent in this league. Teams are going to battle back.

- Ed Comeau