Lacrosse Famous Players Quotes

Inspirational Lacrosse Famous Players Quotes for Athletes

Move on to the next one. You can't make every save or score every shot. Have a short memory and get the next one.

- Jesse Schwartzman
Be fast on the field physically, but play slow mentally. Basically, play hard but play smart.

- Kevin Leveille
I was just a big guy running down with a big, deep pocket and little short stick putting it against my chest.

- Jim Brown
There are two times of the year that stir the blood. In the fall, for the hunt, and now for lacrosse.

- Oren Lyons, Jr.
Play with a controlled aggression.

- Tucker Durkin
Although it will be an intense affair, we will all have fun and, in the end, the sport of lacrosse will be victorious.

- Gavin Prout
We're playing Virginia lacrosse right now and are not worried too much about what the other teams are going to do. If we play our game, I think a lot of teams will struggle to adapt to the way we play.

- Matt Poskay