Rugby Funny Quotes

Inspirational Rugby Funny Quotes for Athletes

If you can't take a punch, you should play table tennis.

- Pierre Berbizier
On female rugby teams – Everybody thinks we should have moustaches and hairy arses, but in fact you could put us all on the cover of Vogue.

- Helen Kirk
Anyone who doesn't watch rugby league is not a real person. He's a cow's hoof, an ethnic or comes from Melbourne.

- John Singleton
If there is no blood on the line, it is not rugby league.

- Russell Crowe
Rugby League is a war without the frills.

- Anon
If Walt Disney had seen this little man's antics, there'd have been no Mickey Mouse.

- Peter Sterling
If I had been a winger, I might have been daydreaming and thinking about how to keep my kit clean for next week.

- Bill Beaumont